flyer by: loren hoffmann

thankfully debbie was able to get off work at the last minute so it looks like we're heading to atlanta in a couple weeks! im excited about the roadtrip, so many pictures to be taken.  i've got to stock up on film, plus its another chance so show my work. AND its going to be loren's birthday so i don't see a way this could go badly. also, i was never very good with composition.

Main display

so i have gotten some things up for sale in the Market Place coffee shop, located in the Westin, in town center, virginia beach. this is a picture of the main display with all the smaller items, bigger items are through out the cafe. i meant to look up the hours so i could let those of you interested in checking it out know, however i forgot. big surprise.
i'm so proud of myself for finally getting my stuff together to display. i honestly didn't know if i ever would do anything like this... its pretty nerve wrecking, putting myself out there, but it feels pretty great to be doing something i love.


coming along...

not all of these will be there, obviously ( me and maddie, skulls, etc.) but the collection is coming together nicely. i really need to sit down and finish a couple more paintings, aside from the ones i need to finish for work. i lucked out and found some pretty decent frames with glass, a few pairs that just need to be painted. so im going to do that while is stil have some daylight. its always nice to save a little money on things that can sometimes end up being pretty costly.

since i was out in egypt i thought id stop by and see ashley in blackwater. her in-laws have a bull and some horses. of course i didnt have any of the 9823649823 memory cards i own, just a camera with no card. i did, however, have my 35mm with a few slide film frames left. i am hoping the bull pictures come out how im envisioning them as transfers. i have so much film to develop i'm excited to see what new things ill have to work with.

i actually blogged/




good news

by the luck of some freak chance, starting next week (maybe even by the end of this week) you will be able to purchase my artwork in The Market Place coffee shop. located in the lobby of the Westin in TownCenter. i'm pretty stoked on it considering ive never really done a show, or really even tried to sell anything other than the things i do for work. it is a pretty awesome location, not only is it in towncenter, being in the tallest building in virginia beach, with permanent residence and hotel efficiencies, my work should get a good deal of exposure. thank you debbie for talking to strangers!

the king


Polaroid transfer gone bad, turned pen and ink gone good

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